New investigations in Ophthalmology; 2. edition

New investigations in Ophthalmology; 2. edition
Forfatter: Dada, Midha & Arora
Vare nr. 9789386150998
Udgave/oplag: Ukendt
Udgivelsesår: 2017
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The second edition of this comprehensive guide presents ophthalmologists with the very latest techniques in ophthalmic investigations and diagnosis. Divided into seventeen sections, the book covers investigation methods for both structural and functional abnormalities in each part of the eye. The book has been fully revised and includes all the latest technologies, from dry eye evaluation, specular and confocal microscopy, and biometry, to frequency doubling perimetry (FDP), ultrasound biomicroscopy, and OCT angiography. The new edition includes detail on interpretation of printouts, advantages and disadvantages of each test, clinical studies and patient examples, and more than 250 ocular images, diagrams and tables. Key Points * Comprehensive guide to latest investigation techniques for ocular abnormalities * Fully revised, second edition with new chapters added * Covers numerous methods for investigations in each part of the eye

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